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Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer After reading reviews of this final book in the twilight saga I was fully prepared to not enjoy this book. But now that it's finished I have to say that this perfectly rounded things off for me. It seemed completely right for the Cullens to stand against the Volturi and for the Volturi in turn to back down.

Having said that, the story is left nicely poised so Ms Meyer could return to it at some point if she wished. I mean, everyone wants to see the Volturi defeated - for good this time (a roaring vampire bonfire, with Alec and Jane on top of it??).

The journey that Bella, Edward and Jacob have been on has been long and they have all changed for the better. Edward in particular has grown immeasurably, almost taking Carlisle's place as head of the family. He's the one that they all look to at the end.

I'm sad to have reached the end. But at least I can go back to the start and read Twilight again!!! There's always the hope that Midnight Sun will be completed as well.