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New Moon - Stephenie Meyer I know I should know better, but yes, I cried when Edward left. Given that Edward believed that Bella had accepted that he no longer wanted her so easily - it just proved that he hasn't been human in a long, long time (and really doesn't understand teenage girls).

What would you do, if the centre of your world said he didn't want you anymore, that it would be as if he never existed. If you were completely in love with him, you'd probably go a little bit crazy and Bella certainly does that (with hallucinations).

There is cetainly a hugh gapping hole left by the abscence of Edward and I found myself looking forward to hearing his voice when Bella purposefully put herself in danger.

It was nice to see the development of Jacob though, seeing his transition from teenager to shapeshifter. Also to see his friendship with Bella grow.

But all the way through I was just waiting to see how Edward would re-appear and when he did I gave a sigh of relief.