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Sleepyhead (Tom Thorne Novels) - Mark Billingham Normally I steer clear of british thrillers - don't know why, I've always gone for the american version of the genre. Picked this up from Ebay though, thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did.

Although it's very clear that this is a first novel (some passages made me cringe) I took to Tom Thorne, a man obessessed with finding the bad guy - to the extent that he is almost blind to everything else going on around him.

It was a very good story, with a nice twist at the end and several good characters - not least Alison, a "victim" of the killer, who is unable to move (suffering from locked-in syndrome, caused by a stroke that was intentionally brought on by the killer), only able to communicate through blinking.

This was a very quick read and I charged through it, now I'm ready for the second in the series - Scaredy Cat.