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One More Bite ( Jaz Parks series) - Jennifer Rardin This time Jaz and Vayl find themselves in Scotland, trying to protect the head of a coven from assassination. This time they have Cole with them, Albert has also tagged along.

I've felt that Jaz has been rather hard on her Dad so far in these books and this story gave the chance to find out a bit more about Jaz's upbringing. To understand part of her anger towards her Dad, which in fairness really should be directed towards her Mum. Her Dad couldn't protect her from something he didn't know about.

I did get a bit confused concerning her Mum, considering she'd tried to protect her during a previous trip to hell, now she shows up trying to kill her instead, just so she can get an easier ride in hell.

Jaz and Vayl finally declared their love for each other!!! Honestly, all these books need is some sex and they would be perfect!!