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I Am Legend - Richard Matheson I'm conflicted over this book. First published in 1954, the story is set in 1975 to 1979. The story goes along at a nice pace then takes a very sharp turn in the last 10-15 pages.

Robert Neville is a human survivor of a world wide plague that caused the creation of numerous vampires. He spends his days repairing his house and finding vampires to kill. The nights he spends holed up in his house hiding from the vampires (one of whom used to be a friend of his). He believes he is the only human alive. He has lost his wife and child during the plague

Neville is understandably lonely and looks for any kind of companionship he can find (even with a vampire dog). He begins to look into what could have caused the plague and he finds that there are 2 kinds of vamp - the 'true vamps' and the 'living vamps'(those created through the germ from the plague).

The problem I have is that there is so much not explained. What War? What Bombs? How were fires buring 4 years later? How the Living vamps managed to put together a drug to help them live with the germ, why they were watching Neville. Why they felt the need to execute him, especially when Ruth understood how he had been pushed to his existence. Then to have Neville take his own life at the end - I can understand that he wanted it to be under his own terms. But it just didn't feel right.