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Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I was a bit nervous to start this series, after reading some of the previous reviews. Even one of my nieces (who's read all the books), told me that Zoey wasn't the nicest character.

But I was pleasantly surprised. I liked Zoey (even though some of her views of people are painful sterotypes), this is a girl coming from a very disfunctional family - siblings you never see, a stepfather from hell and a mother who stopped being a mother when she got re-married). Also dealing with a boyfriend, who won't get the message she doesn't want him, a best friend who's after that boyfriend. On top of it all she's Marked to become a vampire.

Yes, OK I did have Hogwarts in the back of my mind, I mean a school for vampyres? The rituals did become a bit boring and repetitive, but I did like Zoeys new friends at the school of night (Eric was rather cool as well).

I'll certainly be reading the next in the series.