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Betrayed  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast These books seem to be quite slow burners for me. Really slow, but when you look back at them quite a lot seems to have happened. At the opening of this book Zoey's only been at the House of Night for a month. But in that time she's gained a new best friend taken over the school's special club and ended up with 2 boyfiends. Fast worker - especially for someone who's so worried about drawing attention to herself. How self absorbed is Zoey anyway??

There were some geniunely touching moments (Stevie Ray's "death" being one of them). But other moments that really did annoy me:

1. OK, so now she thinks all men/boys have the hots for her - seriously.
2. When surrounded by "undead" vampires she can have a conversation about why she can't be with Heath.
3. Was I the only one shouting at the book when Stevie Ray starting coughing "Say Goodbye to your Best Friend"?
3. Eric went down in my estimation (when he was extolling the virtues of a normal relationship). There has to be something wrong with him anyway - he's too good to be true - maybe he's secretly addicted to gopher blood or something.

Of course I'm going to read the next one....... just to see what happens (in the hope that Neferet gets what's coming to her).