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No Rest for the Wicked - Kresley Cole The story of Kaderin the Coldhearted (a valkerie) and Sebastian Wroth (Vampire). Sebastians body comes alive when Kaderin comes to kill him, which means that she's his bride. She spends most of the book fighting her destiny as she tries to win a competition - so she can win a key which will take her back in time to save her sisters who were killed by a vampire that she decided not to kill. Still with me?

Sebastian spends most of the book desperately trying to get into her panties (suceeding on a couple of occasions) also trying to convince her that she's his bride and should spend eternity with him (I wouldn't have argued with him - as he sounds scrummy). I love shy men and Sebastian is definately up there on my list of favourite vamps. In fact he was the best thing about this book for me.

I wasn't overly bothered whether Kaderin got her sisters back or not.