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If Only It Were True (Et si c'était vrai, #1) - Marc Levy This book was the basis of the movie Just Like Heaven (which I loved). It tells the story of Lauren and Arthur. Lauren, a doctor, has a car accident which leaves her in a deep coma. Arthur, an architect, who moves into Laurens apartment and finds 'her' in a closet in the bathroom one day.

Is she a ghost? I mean, she's not dead, but as time goes by she is able to touch things (specifically Arthur).

Arthur - who seems to accept all this rather well, proceeds to fall in love with Lauren and takes drastic measures when Laurens Mother agrees to let her daughter go. Cue an old cop - on the verge of retirement looking for kidnapped coma girl, no repercussions and the obligatory HEA.

This was just too heavy on the cheese for me (I mean, if you're disappearing and saying goodbye to the man you love, would you really waste time saying "I don't have much time" - COME ON).

I need to watch the movie again....