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Pacific Vortex! - Clive Cussler The first Dirk Pitt story (although it was't the first one published). A very quick read, the story moves on nicely. Pitt's an interesting character (I fell for him after reading Raise the Titanic - broke my cardinal rule by reading something out of sequence).

This first story deals with the disappearance of the US Navy's brand new nuclear submarine (by a gang of half naked pirates who live under the sea). By the end of it all we have 2 naked people (didn't that happen in Raise the Titanic??), underground explosions and a rather bashed up submarine. Oh, and Pitt falls in love (with a rather strange woman - who also disappears without trace) and seems to get over it pretty quickly.

Al was great fun, dealt with with a lot of physical injury (including loosing a pinkie). I love the interaction between Pitt and Al, great sense of humour.

All good fun!!!