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Nip 'n' Tuck - Kathy Lette My first encounter with Kathy Lette (although I have another 3 books on my shelves - if they are all on a par with this one I won't be buying anymore).

I actually got a little bit angry with this book. The 'heroine' of the story is a married mother of 2 who looses her job (reading the news on the BBC) and begins to believe her husband is having an affair the day after she turns 39.

1) I seriously wanted to punch her husbands lights out (the selfish b*****d) - honestly, if you think he's up to something chances are he is.

2) When he does finally come clean what does the mrs do?? Cosmetic surgery, so hubby will want her again - please, I may vomit.

She spends most of book saying she's happy the way she is, has surgery to get hubby back, then realises she was happier beforehand (but without hubby) and of course falls for the nice irish man next door who loves her just the way she is.

The ending just got so silly it was ridiculous.