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Evermore - Alyson Noel Oh dear, where to I start? I had such high hopes for this after reading other reviews - but this never grabbed hold of me. I found myself becoming really irritated by Ever and Damen. How persistent was he in trying to get into her pants (I'm sorry but any guy who says "it's alright I can wait" means he doesn't want to and he hopes you'll cave - quickly).

I didn't really care about her friends either.

It just seemed to me that the author had a check list of the things an YA book should have:

1) Emotional fragile female central character
2) No real family to speak of
3) Small band of outcast friends (including obligatory gay BF)
4) Charasmatic (allegedly) but distant potential boyfriend

But instead of Vampires - lets have, oh I don't know - lets make him immortal (no, not a vampire even though he does drink a weird red liquid that smells a bit like blood mixed with other stuff).

So what do we have? A 17 year old girl dealing with the grief of loosing her parents, dog and her little sister (although she can see her ghost and interact with her). Falls for the new boy at school, who it turns out is immortal and made her immortal when he saved her after the accident that his crazy immortal wife caused (as she spends eternity killing Ever so hubby will come back to her).

Seriously doubt I'll be reading anymore in the series.