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Dracula - Bram Stoker Wow, where do I start? I first bought a copy of this when I was in High school (almost 20 years ago), but I didn't get round to reading it. Seeing as I've been reading so many Vampire books I thought it was about time I gave it another go. So on my second attempt (and my second copy) I started over - I'm so glad I did.

I don't really know what I expected but I loved it. The story doesn't stop, it throws you in at the deep end from the start and it relentlessly flows on from there. Everything is included for a reason. The story is told through diary entries, letters, telegrams etc and starts with Jonathan Harkers journey to Transylvania to the home of Count Dracula, to take him through the purchase of a home in London. He soon becomes trapped and is abandoned by the Count. The story then moves to England and follows the stories of a number of characters. All along in the background is a feeling of impending doom, as you know what danger there is, the Count is always there in some form in the back of your mind. As poor Lucy falls prey to him and drastic action is taken to allow her soul to rest in piece. Then history starts to repeat its self with Mina (Jonathan's wife). The Count appears to play a perverse game with his adversaries.

The finale becomes a race against time to get to the Count before he is able to return to his home in Transylvania in order to save Mina.

It's so beautifully done (althought I did struggle with some of the language) and such a quick read. I found it hard to believe that it was over 100 years old. Just wonderful.

The only thing that really put me off in places was the character of Renfield (I can't cope with eating bugs).

I'm intrigued to read Dracula The Un-Dead, the authorised sequel. The Count promised revenge.....