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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher Where do I start with this one??

Hannah Baker killed herself, but before she did she recorded some audio tapes, telling 13 stories, about 13 people who contributed to getting her to that point in her life. She then mailed those tapes to the person in the first story, with the instructions to hand them onto the person in the next story (and so on and so on). Accompanying the tapes each person received a map, so they could follow Hannah's story.

The book is told in two very distincive voices - Hannah's and Clay who is the current recipient of the tapes. Clay liked Hannah, but was frightened off to a certain extent by her "reputation". When they did finally spend some time together Clay was puzzled by Hannah's reaction (to push him away, telling him to leave), the tapes explain why that happened.

It explores the impact that we have on other peoples lives and how we in turn impact on others. Hannah's tapes begin rather bitterly explaining the truth behind the rumours (an innocent kiss being blown out of proportion etc), but by the time we reach Clay's story the tone changes. Hannah and Clay really seem to have felt something for each other.

Overall we see how everything is connected (a car accident etc). How Hannah contributed to a rape, a death. How she could have prevented those things but still blaming others for her decision to let go of her life. But she didn't blame Clay - he blamed himself though, for letting go of her too easily.

I have to admit I wasn't particularly fond of Hannah. But Clay was another matter, he was genuinely torn apart by Hannah's death and the thought that he could have been to blame for that hurt him deeply and that guilt will always stay with him, no matter what he does in the future (reaching out to Skye).

It was an interesting idea, especially with the last story (taping her final attempt to get some help from her guidance councillor). But for me it was lacking something. The dual viewpoints were confusing sometimes. There were several references to something that had happened at Hannah's previous school which is never explained. It needed something more.