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Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr Compared to Wicked Lovely this story is much darker. The story this time concerns itself with Leslie (Aishlinn's best friend), Niall (one of Keenan's Advisors) and Irial (the King of the Dark Court).

Leslie has been drawn to Niall for some time, but has never acted, she'd consumed by dark feelings, her dad is a drunk and her brother a junkie and she's been badly treated (i.e gang raped) by some of his dealer buddies. She's looking for a way to escape from the darkness, to be numb. She decides to get a tattoo, but little does she know that this tattoo will bind her to Irial.

The Dark Court feeds off strong emotions and through her tattoo Irial is able to channel emotion and feed the hunger of court - which makes her numb, but she soon becomes frustrated by that numbness and her addiction to Irial.

We learn a lot more about Niall - his history and learn that he himself is addictive to mortals and he yearns for Leslie.

We still keep in touch with Seth and Ash (not enough Seth for my liking) and I was a little bit confused by the ending, but I'll definately be reading Fragile Eternity - maybe it'll all become clearer.