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The 6th Target - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro How many storylines can a book just over 400 pages contain? Quite a few it seems. This one has 3 major storylines (if you keep Lindsays lovelife out of the picture).

1) Nut-job goes postal on a ferry
2) Kidnapper of children and killer of nannies
3) Cindy's noise hating neighbour

If you include Lindsays love life, she dumps Joe, almost jumps her partner (no - not Jacobi, he's her boss now after she got demoted because she wanted to keep on the streets) and nearly gets engaged. I think she's having a midlife crisis personally - she doesn't know what the hell she wants anymore.

Oh and Claire's having a baby (after almost getting killed at the start of the book).

Will I read the next one? Yes, because I've already got it - will I read the one after that? I don't know.....