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Storm Front - Jim Butcher Really enjoyed this - I think I'm in love with Harry Dresden. I love a man with a wicked sense of humour and Harry's definately got that. A man of mystery and magic. I found myself cheering Harry on (especially when he was buck naked fighting a demon *sighs*).

Harry Dresden - wizard, is called in by the police to consult on a double murder - where the couple's hearts have literally been torn out - magic is suspected and Lt Murphy wants to know how it was done. Unknown to her Harry isn't supposed to look into that kind of magic - as he's got the Doom of Damocles hanging over him (because he killed a black mage - in self defence mind you). At the same time he's asked to find a missing husband, a man who's become increasingly obsessed with magic.

Along the way we meet Vampires, Faeries, Gangsters, Man Eating Scorpions, Demons, Bob the Air Spirit and a very large grey cat called Mister.

Dammit - I'm hooked on another series. Harry - here I come....