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Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward After the absolute awesomeness of Lover Awakened I was a little bit nervous about reading Lover Revealed, because of one thing - Marissa. I couldn't stand her, but I wanted to know what happened to Butch, so I sucked it back and picked it up.

Once I'd gotten over the initial irritation with the whole "I thought you didn't want me", "No I thought you didn't want me", I kind of got into it. And about halfway through I even began to get a little bit of respect for Marissa (she finally grew a pair). Hopefully Havers gets a damn good kicking soon (it was bad enough he tried to have Wrath killed, but to kick his sister out just half an hour before dawn, seriously he needs to get his head out of his ass).

Butch's transformation in this book was fascinating, learning more about his family, having him suddenly open up about how out of place he's always felt (but he was a damn great wimp when it came to Marissa).

The humour as always was there, Z cracked me up when getting his first look at the post transition Butch ("He's big, I mean really big").

I felt so sorry for V - brokenhearted doesn't even touch it. Why couldn't Ward let V and Butch go at it Bareback Mountain style, just once? Why do V like that? It's a beautiful Bromance ("I am and always will be your friend").

I also felt sorry for JM (who I still picture in my head as Zac Efron - don't ask me why), but I did cheer when he kicked Lash's butt - it was thoroughly deserved. And he finally got some buddies!!! I love seeing Z take JM under his wing too.