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Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I really wanted to like this book, so many people rave about this series so I gave it a try. Afterwards I felt the same way that I did after reading Dead Until Dark. It just didn't feel like much happened (even though I know tons did happen). It didn't grab me like BDB, LOTU, Harry Dresden or Jazz Parks. Those series grabbed hold of me from the first book and have a wonderful sense of humour.

Humour was really lacking for me in this book (except for Mercy thinking of ways to upset Adam, which was pretty cool). There were also a large number of characters which I had trouble keeping track of, you'd got Adam's pack, the Marroks pack, the Vampires, the Witches. My head is still spinning.

It was a good story, the character of Mac was nicely done (although I felt he'd was lost too early in the story, Mercy seemed too attached too quickly but maybe that was a werewolf thing). Mercy being a walker was a nice twist, the scene was also set well, explaining how the fae had come out (to a certain extent) and been exiled to reservations.

The main body of the story concerned the local Alpha - Adam, being attacked and his daughter being kidnapped. Drug experiments, newly created were's being sold and a very unhappy werewolf all go to make up the story.

I'll probably read the next one, but I'll probably try and get it from the library, rather than pay money for it.