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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer Hmmmm, well, it ain't Twilight, it ain't even Eclipse. I did like it and wanted to like it more, but I don't know. Maybe I need to go back and re-read Eclipse (I'm still trying to re-read Twiight - so I'll get to it).

I was going to read this for free on the website, but in a moment of weakness I picked it up at the bookstore - it was half price and I thought that as I had the rest I might as well get this too.

Bree was a character that made a brief appearance in Eclipse and this novella joins her 3 months into her vampire life. She basically keeps her head down and hides behind Freaky Fred - who can make people really sick if they look at him. While out hunting one night she strikes up a conversation with Diego - a "friend" of Rileys. They fall for each other pretty fast and begin to question everything that Riley has told them. They live in perpetual fear of "her" their creator, who they've never seen since the night she made them.

About 20 pages in (while Bree and Diego are hurrying back to base so they don't burn in the sun), I suddenly thought - hang on, they don't burn - they sparkle!! Riley/Victoria apparently decided that the best way to keep their Army together was to make them think the old stories were true - that sunlight would kill them. It's stange the things people will believe, but it seems Victoria liked to stick to those that are easily manipulated. And the whole - it's OK to go outside 4 days in each year (when the sun is just at the right angle) - who the hell would believe that???

I did feel sorry for Bree though when she finally realised that Diego was dead - and who killed him. But really Victoria and Riley would never have let him live once he realised that the sunlight/stake thing was just bullshit.

My main problem with this story is that I expected the newborns to be so much more frightening. The way that Jasper always spoke of them I expected them to be out of control killing machines (which they were in the ferry boat incident), but Bree was able to leave the scene of a kill very early on in the story, she didn't rip her fellow vamps to bits to get a piece of the action. In fact she reminded me a lot of Bella when she turned.

It was all so tame.

Oh, and since when has Edward been a redhead. He was always described as reddish blond!!!