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Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) - Maggie Stiefvater There are wolves in Boundary Wood, every once in a while they attack people. Grace it one of those people, dragged off her swing when she was 11 she only survived because of a wolf with yellow eyes. Ever since then she's watched 'her' wolf, wondering where he goes during summer and waiting for winter when he'll re-appear. And he's been watching her.

6 years later, when a boy at school is killed by the wolves, some of the locals take their shotguns and decide the clear the woods. Something that Grace tries to stop with little success. When she returns home she finds a boy bleeding by her back door, he's been shot and he has yellow eyes.

I was nervous before reading this book, at I haven't really enjoyed books about shifters/were's before. But this just blew me away. Such a wonderful story with great characters. A story that has really been thought through with so many nice touches. I liked the fact that temperature had been brought into play and that as time went on a higher temperature was needed to stop the change. The fact that some of the guys had tried living in Texas only to instantly change when passing an air conditioned shop. The fact that the eyes never changed and could be easily recognised when human or wolf.

But most of all I loved Sam. Such a fragile yet strong character. How he was go adamant about treating Grace as a gentleman would. How he clung so tightly to his humanity because he wanted to be with her so badly. His panic when Grace pushed him into the bath. His realisation about Beck. So wonderfully done.

Glad I don't have to wait too long for Linger. Because Shiver ended too quickly for me.

It was better than Twilight because there was so much more going on and the romance was just so much more. I miss Sam already.