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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward Well, tricky one this one. I was aware of the ending before reading this and thought it was a bit of a cop-out. Now I've read it, it still feels like a cop-out.

One of the great things about this series has been the relationship between Butch and V. Of course things had to change because of the previous book and I think I would have preferred it if Ward had waited a book or two before tackling Vischous. Straight off the back of loosing Butch, V is gunned down after finding out that the Scribe Virgin is his mum and he is due to be the Primale - sire of a new generation of brothers. His mum also tells him that he's at a crossroads in his life and once it's resolved his visions and mind reading will come back.

The surgeon who saves his life just so happens to be a flat chested, crop cut, tom boy, brilliant doctor by the name of Jane.

Of course the two fall hopelessly in love and Jane discovers a liking for rough sex with a dominant vampire.

What I found more interesting in this book were the side stories - JM finally going through his transition, Phury heading down a self destructive path but showing the way to the next book (please God let him finally let go of Bella - because Cormia is great). There was very little Lesser action, which was no bad thing after the last 2 books. I found that the passages relating to the Scribe Virgin were incredibly emotional, telling V the truth of his birth then having to deal with his incredible rage. Also revealing the fact the V has a twin, I want to see more of Payne, she must have some serious frustration if she's been in suspended animation for centuries.

But I am glad that Ward finally let V and Butch have "the talk", where V told Butch that he had been in love with him (Butch of course responding in his typical way - I for one would have liked to see his planned reality TV show, oh well).

I didn't cry over Jane's demise, yes V took it hard, but the Scribe Virgin's response got to me more.

I did have one of those moments though (doesn't happen very often), when something suddenly occured to me while I was reading - a sudden realisation of what was to come, which caused me to cry out "MINIVAN!!!!!" Come on - it had to be pretty obvious for me to get it, it was mentioned way to many times. I thought V was smarter than that, only catching the scent before the gun went off.