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Icebound - Dean Koontz, David Axton Not the kind of thing that you'd normally expect from Dean Koontz, but then this was originally published under a pen name. This is a thriller - a tribute to Alistair Maclean and it's done very nicely.

This is a book that doesn't really stand still because of the nature of the story it has to move quickly.

This is a world in the grip of drought and the way that the world decides to deal with the problem is to blow a chunk off the polar icecap, then tow that iceberg south to a desalinisation plant and presto chango you got water!

If only it were that simple. A team of scientists land on the ice and place a large number of explosives in order to create the iceberg - the only problem is that mother nature has other ideas and thanks to an underwater earthquake the iceberg detaches all on it's own. If the explosives go off then the iceberg will shatter and the stranded scientists go down with the berg. Thank God there's a russian sub in the area - but will it be allowed to help and how can it help. Throw in a homicidal maniac of a scientist and you have good fun.

The only real gripe I have with the story is that it didn't really explain why the killer wanted Brian so badly, it was alluded to, but not explained and that annoyed me.

I also would have liked it if he'd followed up on the Submarine Captain as well. Gorov was a great character and after the excitement of 'will the sub implode or not' I though Gorov was shortchanged just a little bit at the end. He took a huge risk to begin with - banking that his government would agree with his plan to go and help. Hearing his heartbreaking story of the death of his son, I wanted to know that his homeland had treated him with the respect that he really deserved.