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Changeless - Gail Carriger CONNALL YOU FRICKING IDIOT!!!!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

I have a very bad habit, in that I like to know exactly how many chapters and pages a book has when I start it. The downside of that habit it that I normally know how a book ends when I start it. Which is why I started this book in May, got half way through, put it down, picked it up again yesterday. In this case i'm glad I did because I only have to wait a couple of days for Blameless.

Carriger can't really let things end like that between Connall and Alexia - can she? My heart broke for them, his reaction was so touching - so wounded, so betrayed. But Alexia has done nothing wrong!! They're such a wonderful couple, such a terrible situation cannot be allowed to stand - it simply must be resolved in a proper fashion.

How on earth will Alexia manage - without a maid and having been abandoned by her best friend. Actually Ivy got on my nerves quite a bit in this book. Why is it so hard for anyone to understand that Lord and Lady Maccon got married because they LOVED each other. That Alexia didn't do it for her own personal gain. Ivy really is bloody stupid.

Oh well, onwards dear friends, onwards.