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Lazybones - Mark Billingham Tom Thorne is quickly becoming my favourite detective. There's something about his attitude to his work, to the victims that really grabs hold of me. His frustration towards his work is overpowering at times.

Here we find him dealing with a series of murders of ex-cons. All of them ex-rapists, who are themselves raped and strangled. The reason behind the killings is slowly revealed through flashbacks and the point of view of others and culminates in a truly disturbing encounter for Thorne.

I don't think I've read anything where the 'hero' of piece is placed in such a vulnerable position (literally) and I can't help but think of Tom in a slightly different light now - he's become a victim himself (just not violated in the same way as most of the victims he had to deal with - although very nearly was).

In fact that vulnerability seems to be a theme throughout the book, from Holland - terrified at becoming a father, Stone - dealing with his own sexual desires, Kitson - who obviously had something to hide, to Tom's father - trying to come to terms with his illness.

We also see the introduction of the 'Crinkly Squad', or Carol, a retired police officer called back into service to look at cold cases.

One thing that niggles at me, Tom's an intelligent man, how did he not see that Eve was involved? I mean, she said he was running hot and cold, but he had nothing on her. Unluckiest man ever when it comes to his love life.

I'm excited to read the next in the series. To see how Tom copes with the fall out and if Phil manages to find a steady boyfriend.