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Affinity Bridge - George Mann My first foray into Steampunk was through The Parasol Protectorate and I love those books. The Affinity Bridge and is an altogether more serious affair. In a way it takes itself far too seriously and would have benefited from a touch of humour (a la Gail Carriger).

Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes, Investigators of the Crown - by day they work at the British Museum, by night (or when they feel like it) helping Scotland Yard with all manner of supernatural problems - like a glowing policeman that likes to strangle people, hordes of zombies (or revenants as they are called here) and a mysterious airship crash. Throw in some bonkers automatons and away you go.

Elements of Newbury remind me of Sherlock Holmes, he has a brilliant mind and is addicted to laudanum. I found it quite hard to believe that this is the first in a series though, as Hobbes and Newbury already behave as though they are fighting a physical attraction.

My main gripe though is that the author appears to be trying too hard with his writing, it is overly flowery and incredibly old fashioned (yes, I know it's set in the early 1900's but there were too many "I say old man"'s etc). The depiction of Queen Victoria was rather troubling, wheelchair bound - hooked up to a device to help her breathe and artificially elongate her life (tubes protruding from underneath her breasts). I didn't like that particular aspect of the story.

There was a nice twist at the end, so of course I'll carry on and read the next one - I just hope it gets better.