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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer It's been about 2 years since I first read Twilight, I've watched the movie I don't how many times Re-reads really aren't my thing, but something pulled me back, a little voice in my head that just kept telling me to pick it up again.

I'm 35 years old god-dammit, I shouldn't be listening to voices. What can I say - I've had a hard time lately, I thought it'd help me relax. And it did....

Now, I know there are a LOT of haters out there, they like to focus on the bad side of the series - you know, the quality of the writing, Edward being a scary stalker etc. etc. But what I see in Twilight is a beautiful love story, simply told. It reminded me of the glory of that first love, when you used to ask endless questions because you wanted to know everything about them. Wondering if they were ever going to kiss you, obessessing over whether they liked you as much as you liked them.

Yes, OK I'll admit I'm Team Edward, yes - he can be a bit depressing at times, but only because he only wants whats best for Bella - even if that means leaving her. Reading it again, theres that clear signpost for New Moon ("I'll stay with you as long as that's what's best for you"), they're equally bewildered as to why the other wants them.

I also liked the backstories, especially Alice - she's been shortchanged in the movies big time. James also had so much more to him than just being the bad guy.

The next question is, am I ready to read New Moon again - am I ready to cry that much again?