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Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, #2) - Jim Butcher Something's killing people, around the time of the full moon - leaving behind bloody paw prints, I wonder what could doing that. Can anyone say Werewolf? Well - maybe not as it turns out. I got so confused between the Hexenwulfs, Loup-Garou, Were's, Weird Alien looking Were lady. I was slightly surprised at who the killers turned out to be though.

Poor old Harry spends the whole time being beaten, shot, bitten and gets so tired he actually looses his magic - not a good situation for a wizard. So much so that he makes a very dangerous decision, one that again touches on the very dark side that he tries to hide.

There is a very difficult series of events that takes place within the police station quite early on in the story - a lot of good police officers die, it was so well written - it really was gripping.

I really hope though that Murphy and Harry get it on, they're fighting it.

I'm intrigued by this series already - I want to know who's trying to kill him. I also want to hear more from Bob, he's great fun!