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From Dead to Worse  - Charlaine Harris I have to echo the thoughts of Sookie at one point in this book - I am SO sick of Debbie Pelt. When will this storyline come to an end??

Right, now I've got that off my chest let us continue.

This book is rather odd, it seems to exist just to tie up some loose ends and throw some new ones out there. The Weres and Vamps suddenly seem to realise how unprotected Louisianna is and have to deal with a couple of takeover bids. Alcide becomes packmaster and Eric has to accept a new King - the final death of Sophie-Ann is mentioned just in passing (which I thought was a shame as she'd been such a big part of previous books - she was hard done by).

Sookie breaks up with Quinn (which I could understand) - Eric, Bill and Sam all make it very clear they want her. She meets her Fairy Prince Great-Grandfather, her relationship with Jason is incontravertably altered and she finds Hadleys ex-husband and son (who has the same gift as Sookie). Sookie also realised the impact of Quinn's actions with Andre from the previous book. Without Andre Sophie-Ann didn't stand a chance.

Oh, and Bob the cat returns to human form.

All a bit of a mish mash really. But not bad. Eric also remembers his time with Sookie (from Dead to the World), one sniff of her bedsheets and it all comes flooding back - so the next book should be very interesting.