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A Touch of Dead - Charlaine Harris All the Sookie Stackhouse short stories - a very quick read. Most of the stories are pure fluff - but a couple do help to explain certain things that are mentioned in some of the books. Most notably is the explanation of Hadley's death and the introduction of Sophie Ann. The story includes what happens to the Vamp that "killed" Hadley.

Another explains a bit more about fairies (how citrus can be fatal to them).

I think though that my favourite was the final story in the book, with Sookie facing spending Christmas on her own - it's set after From Dead to Worse and is a sweet little story which really explains her Great-Grandfathers feelings towards Sookie. He wants her to be happy (even if he does become her pimp in the process). The problem is that you know sooner or later Niall's enemys will find out about Sookie (otherwise Eric wouldn't have made such a big thing about it in From Dead to Worse). At least she had a great Christmas!