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Some Girls Bite  - Chloe Neill Everyone raves about this series, so I thought it was about time I gave it a try. I wouldn't say I was disappointed - but it just didn't grab me. I like Merit - she's a really great character (ahthough she does have some huge flaws), it was just the characters around her that I didn't really care for.

As for the story - well, Merit is a graduate student at University and is attacked one night late on campus - after the attack she vaguely remembers a man with very green eyes finding her. She awakes 3 days later in a cocktail dress arriving back at the house she shares with her best friend Mallory. At this stage she finds out she's now a Vampire.

Her family don't approve - apart from her Grandfather, an ex-cop that isn't retired but works as a liason between the supernatural community and the Mayor. Oh yeah - this is a Chicago where vamps are out of the coffin - but no-one else is.

Merit is understandably upset about becoming a Vampire, but directs that anger in the wrong direction - Ethan Sullivan the head of Cadogan House - owner of the green eyes and has a rather antiquated view of things. Everyone is supposed to bow down and do whatever he says. Merit really likes him and hates him at the same time - but all the time I kept thinking "don't hate the vamp that turned you - hate the vamp that attacked you in the first place"!

The serial killer storyline is almost secondary to Merit adjusting to life as a vamp - her best friend discovering she's magical, another vamp throwing himself at her.

I will continue to read the next in the series, I'm sure it will get better!