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Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #3) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Talon a Celtic Warrior made Dark Hunter and Sunshine Runningwolf - Artist, of course it has a happy ending....

Talon lives under a curse - anyone that he loves will die, he lost his family, his son was stillborn and his beloved wife died. He lives with only the ghost of his sister as company. Until a Mardi Gras float runs him over after saving a beautiful woman from Daimons. She takes him home to look after him, she doesn't know what she is - burns him with sunlight and has no real food in her loft (that soy stuff will killya). But something draws them together and they get hot and heavy really fast. I had to laugh when Talon had to answer the door to Kyrian and Julian wearing nothing but a pink towel as she had destroyed his clothes by trying to wash them (really shouldn't do that to leather trousers).

I shouldn't really read these books - there is so much cheese - but in amongst it all is a really decent story. You very quickly recognise that Sunshine is the re-incarnation of Talons wife, it's something that they both struggle with, Talon trying to leave Sunshine just to keep her safe from the curse (including one heartbreaking moment when he asks Eros to shoot them with Lead arrows to kill their love) - did I really just type that???

Well, the curse is of course broken and they get to carry on with their lives, happy in their immortality (thanks to Sunshine's Goddess Grandmother). There was a lot of work done to set up further books - with Zarek, Valerius and of course Archeron (now that's one book I'm really looking forward to).

This book though gets thumbs up from me for one of the sexiest things I've ever read - when Talon asks Sunshine about her fantasies..... hot damn!!!! I'm willing to bet that 9 out of 10 women would have come out with the same thing......