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Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay What is it about Dexter that I'm just not getting? Here is a character without a redeeming feature - who talks about training his future step-son in the ways "Harrys Path". Dexter doesn't seem to live on the same planet as the rest of us - fixated on the moon and the mutterings of his Dark Passenger - but he can't fulfill his desires because he's got someone watching him - Sergent Doakes has become his new shadow.

But there's another serial killer on the loose and Dexter is very interested to meet him. Dr Danco leaves his victims as vegetables - removing all appendages - arms, legs, tongue, eye-lids - it drives the victim insane. Most of the officers and ambulance men are scarred from having to deal with the first case - but it isn't the last. The Feds are called in - a rather annoying character by the name of Chutsky - who Debs falls in love with. Kyle Chutsky knows a lot more about Dr. Danco than he's willing to admit - and only admits it after he himself becomes a victim of the doctor - loosing a part of one arm and leg (Dexter having rescued him from an alligator farm).

In amidst all this Dex finds himself accidentally engaged, with a Beer habit and planning a happy future with his young apprentice. At least he doesn't have to worry about Doakes trailing him - not much left of him now (having lost both hands, his tongue and a foot)....

Maybe I'll give it one try - if they don't get better it might be time to retire Dexter....