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Glory in Death (In Death, #2) - J.D. Robb Second in the "In Death" series.

The story didn't draw me in the same as the first book - mainly because the killer in this one was a bit tooooo obvious. But it was great just to observe Eve and Roarke's relationship.

The story revolves around the death of high profile women, Eve even sets herself up as bait which doesn't really work. A Lawyer, Actress and a botched attempt at a News Reporter. Eve follows a wild goose chase and nearly charges the wrong man - but just at the last minute realises who the real killer is.

Roarke comes to the rescue in a dinner jacket no less - hmmmmm nice.

He fascinates me as a character - his obsession with Eve is so interesting. His feeling that he wants "All or Nothing" from her drives him to make a very hard decision - to walk away from the relationship, putting the ball into her court. Up to that point I don't think Eve really understood how much she needed him and how much she loved him - she just didn't want to acknowledge it.

Of course she caves - going to his place in the pretense of questioning him on his involvement with the second victim (an actress) - hmm jealous much? It was great to see Roarke lose his cool though (throwing his brandy glass across the room in frustration) and for Eve to finally admit she needed him ("Don't go away", I was nearly in tears at this point). Later on when he took her to Mexico for the night (getting embaressed when he realised his security system had filmed them having sex).

So, by the end of book 2 - Eve has moved in with him and they now appear to be engaged - in book 2? There's still another 35ish books to go? Was the author afraid the series would get killed early on? With a character like Roarke that was never going to happen.

Bring on the next one!