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Immortal in Death (In Death, #3) - J.D. Robb On the verge of getting married Eve Dallas faces a huge number of hurdles to get to the altar. Her best friend is accused of murder, a dangerous new drug is about to hit the streets and the nightmares that have plagued her are getting worse - a lot worse.

Poor old Mavis is in love with an up and coming fashion designer named Leonardo, unfortunately he has an insanely jealous ex-girlfriend a model - Pandora, who no-one likes, who is due to appear in his first catwalk show. Mavis steps aside for the sake of Leonardo's career (he's also designing Eve's wedding dress), but Pandora turns up dead. In fact there's quite a few corpses in this one that surrounds a new drug called Immortality (makes you younger, prettier, sexier and will kill you in 5 years).

I must admit it's taken me this long to figure out what was meant by the "Illegals" department, but I guess the term covers so many things now - not just narcotics. A rival Lieutant from Illegals gets involved as snitches turn up dead.

Always in the background is Roarke - lovely, sexy, protective Roarke. He's there when Eve's knightmares finally breach the mental barrier she's put in place - she remembers her life with her father and what she did to him to make it stop. Roarkes reaction nearly made me cry and I was shocked as well at the reaction of Summerset - he actually appeared to care about Eve.

But back to the story - yes I guessed who the murderer was, gut feeling is rarely wrong (I think I read too many crime novels - but these last two "In Deaths" have proven the point that it's the person who seems least likely to do, that did it) - do I care that it was so obvious. Nahhhh I'm helplessly addicted to Roarke - soon be time for my next fix......