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Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris There have been times when i've wondered why I keep reading these books, as none of them have lived up to Dead to the World. But I'm glad I kept reading as this book was so moving.

Sookie's still getting over Jason's actions from the last book, but the beginning of this book mainly covers the Were's revealing their existance. Sam has to leave town when his Mother is shot by his step-father (his dad didn't know she was a shifter), leaving Sookie in charge of the bar.

Her sister-in-law is found crucified behind the bar, partly changed. So there are 2 main threads to the story - who killed Crystal and the escalating danger to Sookie from the Fae. The FBI arrives in town trying to find out about Barry and Sookie, but are soon distracted by Crystals death.

Sookie finds herself "married" to Eric, in order to protect her from the new king. They finally "bump uglies" again.

This book must surely signal the end of any kind of friendship Sookie has with Arlene, as she gets involved in a plot to kill Sookie as an example to anybody that is involved with supes.

But the real danger comes from the Fae - enemies of her great-grandfather have tracked her down. We also find out that faeries killed her parents. The ending of the book is very moving, with Sookie being tortured, Tray and Claudine dying and Bill fighting for his life. Bill was willing to die for her, and when he told her he loved her still, I must admit I had a tear in my eye. Eric will never love her the way that Bill does. The moments in these books that have moved me have always related to Bill and Sookie (I still remember her desolation when she found out Bill had been ordered to seduce her).

So, at the end of it all, Sookie looses her great-grandfather, as he decides to block the portals to their land, in order to keep the humans safe. It will take a long time for Sookie to recover from the injuries she suffered at the hands of the fae, then mental wounds will take even longer to heal - but one dangerous fae is still on the loose and he looks a lot like Jason.....