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Ghosts of Manhattan - George Mann I'm still getting used to this whole Steampunk thing. But this wasn't bad at all. The violence is rather hardcore (lots of people exploding) for me, but the story was pretty good.

New York is under the cosh of a powerful mobster "The Roman", no-one knows who he is, just that he has a lot of goons and golems (strange but true). Standing against him is "The Ghost" a vigilante with a strong moral code (he won't shoot first), who wants to protect the city.

It wasn't hard to figure out who The Ghost was - and yes, it screamed BRUCE WAYNE at me. The complex rich guy with too much time and money on his hands - who falls in love and cruelly looses the woman he loves (but she does save New York in the process).

Alongside him is the mild mannered policeman who befriends The Ghost and takes a severe battering in the process. The batty english curator of the Metroplitan Museum of Art (which is partially demolished during a particularly bloody gunfight).

We have car chases, bi-plane chases, explosions, monsters, bank notes stuffed in some orifices that are not suitable for such things.

This story does however have a slightly different slant, as the Roman is revealled to be a very different man altogether - one that has led an extremely long life and wants to extend that life by any means necessary.

Not bad at all Mr Mann.