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The Vampyre; a Tale - John Polidori An odd little collection. Which includes a couple of letters referring to Lord Byron and Shelly and part of a poem. The main body is made up of short story that relates the story of Aubery, a young gentlemen who enters the company of charismatic Lord Ruthven who prowls the social scene. The two gentlemen undertake a tour of europe, during which Aubery becomes suspicious of the Lord, as it seems that everyone that he comes into contact with suffers a severe downturn in fortune. Young ladies that he takes an interest in disappear.

Aubery resolves to leave the Lord and manages to escape to Greece where he becomes enchanted by a young greek girl. The girl unexpectedly dies and Aubery is injured - Lord Ruthven resurfaces to take care of Aubery. During a trip in Greece the Lord is mortally wounded and "dies" but not before the makes Aubery swear to keep news of his death secret.

Upon his return to England Aubery devotes his time to his sister, attempting to keep her safe and is amazed when the Lord returns to England - apparently driving Aubery insane.

There is no happy ending in this tale and is worth reading if only because it is the first recorded story of a Vampyre in English Literature, written as a result of the same circumstances that produced Frankenstein. All things considered I'd still rather read Dracula - now that's a Vampyre tale!