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White Cat - Holly Black Slow, very, very slow.

My first experience with this author and it's a world where magic is dealt by the touch of a hand - skin on skin, so everyone wears gloves. If you want to protect yourself you need decent amulets. You can't even trust your own memory.

Cassel Sharpe comes from a family of curse workers, always been told that he was the odd one out. His brother Philip can cause physical damage, his brother Barron is a luck worker (apparently), which grandfather is a retired death dealer and his mother is in jail for working emotions.

Cassel lives with the belief that he killed his best friend Lila several years ago, the daughter of the head of the local crime family - but of course nothing is as it seems. Now he's developed a serious death wish and is dreaming of a white cat.

I quite liked the character of Cassel, can't say the same about his family, or any of the other characters (apart from Sam and Daneca).

The thing is that it seemed to take a long time for anything to really happen in this book - but it was a really quick read. It read more like YA to me, a bit watered down. I'm not rushing out to pick up the next one in the series.