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The Dead-Tossed Waves - Carrie Ryan Gabry is happy behind the fences - living with her mother Mary in the lighthouse, happy to just exist and live with her friends and in the hope of a future with her best friends brother. But one night everything changes - she takes a big risk and goes over the fence and things are truely never the same again.

Some of her friends turn, others are captured and the boy she loves disappears after being bitten.

Things spiral out of control and culminate in her mother going back into the forest and Gabry committing murder. Before you know it she's also gone into the forest with her best friend Cira, Catcher (the object of her affection) and Elias (a mysterious boy who knows much more than he lets on).

Out of Mary and Gabry I would have much rather heard a lot more from Mary. Gabry annoyed the hell out of me for much of this book (for crying out loud get over yourself and get on with it), such wingeing!

Part of this book were trying horrifying - the whole thing with the Soulers, how they worshiped the Mudo (or Unconsecrated) and were willing to sacrifice themselves so they could be reborn. Parts of it really touched me as well, e.g when Elias admitted what he'd done, how tormented he was by his actions as a child. The discovery of the village that was burned in the previous book (the skull and flowers was very moving) and the return to Mary's village (it was a shame that more time wasn't spent there) - we finally began to understand more of the history of the Return.

The final movement in the book with the bridge was so well done, I could picture it so clearly, almost like a movie and that's why it gets 4 out of 5. It didn't move me as much as the first book, but ultimately you felt the hope, the complete belief that there was more out there if you had the strength to survive and the will go out there and find it.