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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Better than the first one - but still only 3/5. Why? 1) Because the story and writing is just a little bit tooooooo simple (if I can tell what's coming it's gotta be simple). 2) Because Meghan spends most of the book in tears - man up for crying out loud!

At the end of the first book Meghan kept her bargain with Ash and went to the Unseelie Court, as this book starts she's been there for a while - treated terribly. She can't leave and is heartbroken at Ash's treatment of her (i.e he legs it from court or completely blanks her - boys!)- until a very unfortunate incident with the Scepter of the Seasons and the death of one of Ash's brothers - they both flee.

Of course the Iron Court isn't dead - of course they were going to come back again - but all this talk of a false King became a little bit tiresome. I did like Ironhorse switching sides though. It was blinding obvious what's going on - of course Meghan is the true Queen - she could have fixed Ironhorse if she hadn't been so bleeding stupid (and crying for the bazillionth time). And Ash and the bug? I practically screamed at my Kindle - "FIX HIM BITCH" (for both Ash and Ironhorse).

It was hot to think of Ash in a tuxedo though (even though I kept thinking about Twilight and Edward in Tux *sigh*), anyway - where was I?

I am intrigued to know why Leanansidhe took Meghan's father and what Grimalkin is up to (although he seems to be a character created solely to link the gaps in the story). I just wish there was bit more to these books - story wise, even though these are YA I was hoping for something a bit more taxing.

I will carry on with the series - but not straightway.....