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The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook England is a wreck - struggling to come back from being ruled by The Horde (a race that infected the population with mechanical bugs - ones that they could then control at will). The world at large still works on the basis of those that were infected and those that were not - oh, then then there are the zombies.

England was freed from the Horde by The Iron Duke - a man regarded as a living legend - devestatingly handsome (of course), with a complete disregard for anything that gets in the way of what he wants. What he doesn't want is a dead body dropped on his house - but he's quite happy to have Inspector Mina Wentworth on his door step. Rhys and Mina - has nice ring to it.

I liked Rhys - but Mina got on my nerves, quite a bit. We also had the standard problem with PNR - boy meets girl, they like each other, but break up and come back together finally after the whole "but I thought you didn't like me and I'm in love with you" thing.

The technology angle was rather good as well, the whole idea that the bugs could be used to graft machines onto peoples bodies (like Mina's mother and her eyes). I did get slightly confused though - as again there were a large number of characters to keep track of.

I will be picking up the next one because I want to see more of Scarsdale.