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Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning Maybe more a 2.5.

Mackayla Lane travels to Dublin to find the killers of her elder sister - the police have done all they can and have no leads to go on. It's a city that is self destructing - with a spike in homicides and missing persons. Of course there's something behind it - fae. And of course Mac gets caught up in it. She's a Null - a Sidhe-Seer, she can see them and if she touches them they freeze. Oh and she can detect Fae Objects of Power - human object detector that one Mr Jericho Barrons (Bookstore owner and general sex god) wants to put to good use.

The world building was cumbersome at times. Mac's insistence that this was all impossible became a little bit irritating. But the story kept moving for the most part.

So why the low score? Mac gets on my tits. The whole thing with V'lane (I'm walking, I'm walking - where did my knickers go? God I need to shag something RIGHT NOW), overdone much? And she needs to quit whining (no-one likes a whiner).

The one saving grace for me was Barrons - but even he changed during the course of the book. He went from powerful and menacing to nail technician. I was getting rather upset at the book - WHAT THE HELL IS HE? He only shows up after dark, but he's too tanned to be vamp. He isn't bothered by the Shades, but isn't a Fae and all the main players know who he is. I hope to god this isn't strung out over a number of books, because that's really going to upset me.