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Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan First there was Mary, then Gabry, now we have Annah.

Annah has survived for 3 years in the Dark City - waiting for Elias to return to her. But on the day that she decides she can no longer wait and tries to leave the city she catches a glimpse of herself on the other side of the bridge. A mirror image that's trying to get into the city, as she's trying to leave it. Her sister - her twin sister.

But finding her sister isn't easy, as she's been taken by the recruiters to an island "the sanctuary". The recruiters are now in control after overthrowing the protectorate and they're not very nice men. Annah's always managed to stay out of their way, but in her haste to find her sister runs into trouble and is saved by a boy named Catcher.

Annah was an intriguing character - horribly scared after falling into a pit of barbed wire when foraging in the subway tunnels, she's made herself believe that she's ugly and not worth anyones time. That feeling was compounded when Elias suddenly joined the recruiters the day after seeing all her scars (and feeling her up). Annah's in love with Elias - or is she? She also bears terribly guilt at leaving her sister in the forest all those years ago (guilt that she is able to put to rest towards the end of the book).

Catcher at times appears a little bit unstable - which given his circumstances, when the people he cares most about are held in the sanctuary to keep him working for the recruiters, is understandable. But I was a little bit horrified when it went over the line into murder (Connall was a terrible creation).

So, why only 3 stars - because I have a huge problem with the recruiters. The idea that they would spend their free time throwing humans to the unconsecrated (or plague rats) just for something to do seemed so wrong to me.

I also felt slightly let down by the main action sequences. There wasn't the equivalent of the bridge escape from the previous book. With this one you mainly had the sounds - but not the sights of the horde, there was no scope. There was the sound of the horde in the Dark City, the sound of them in the subway - it was an opportunity missed.