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The Darkest Fire - Gena Showalter This is basically the story of how the demons escaped from hell and ended up in Pandoras Box.

It's told through the characters of Geryon - the guardian of hell, who has fangs, horns and poisoned claws (after making a deal with lucifer after his wife left him), and Kadence - the Goddess of Oppression, who's life is linked to the welfare of the wall that separates Hell from Earth.

It's packed full of cheesy cliches and lots of the standard PNR language (laving, nibbling etc all the stuff that really gets on my nerves).

Of course they end up helplessly in love, the wall collapses - she dies and he kills himself so he can be with her. For a short story it was OK, it was lacking the humour of the normal series (which I love).

It was just OK though for me.