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Lover Avenged  - J.R. Ward It's taken me over a year to read this book - why?

Well, I was slightly upset when I finished Lover Enshrined is no exception.

So the "main focus" of the book is Rhev and Ehlena (a nurse at Haver's clinic). But equally strong in this book is the continuing story of Wrath and Beth. I really felt for Wrath here, he has so much to deal with.

Thank the lord that Tohr finally woke up and started to get himself together.

So, that else do we have? Lash's ongoing descent into evil by becoming a drug lord, getting jiggy with Rhev's half sister (who was one sandwich short of a picnic). A plot to kill Wrath. We discovered that Xhex does have feelings afterall and John Matthew lost his mind. SERIOUSLY WTF happened to John Matthew, since when does retreating into a bottle of Jack Daniels and screwing anything that moves solve anything?

One last thing - how is Bella still sane? Since she joined this series she's had twins fall in love with her, been kidnapped and tortured by Lessers, gone through her needing, broken up and then re-united with her mate, been mated, almost died having a baby, lost her mother and her brother only to find out her brother was still alive but killed her dad and is half sympath. "I feel like I don't know my life"? I'm amazed you can remember your bloody name!!!

Oh, and it could have done with a bit more sex - especially for Rhev and Ehlena (that whole, "I can't have sex with her because she'll know I'm different because of my Barb" - complete cop out).