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Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Imagine a world lived in fast forward - where everyone drives too fast, no-one walks anywhere and your family is something projected onto the walls of your "viewing parlour". The thing you dream about is being able to afford the "fourth wall" for that parlour, so you can be completely surrounded by that family.

A world where no-one really feels anything, where suicide is commonplace, where your stomach can be pumped at home and your blood can be completely replaced - to take away the darkness. Where you don't remember taking too many tablets. Or where most of your classmates are killed/murdered - because no-one cares - all that matters is fun.

A world where firemen don't put out fires - they start them. Where houses are covered in fireproof coating and owning books can get you killed.

I actually found this book incredibly sad. Set in a future where being intelligent will get you bullied and tortured - the world has become so dumbed down that you don't need to read books because they can be distilled into a five minute play. To read books is to insinuate that you're better than everyone else. So the intelligent people disappear into the wild, keeping away from the cities with heads filled of the books they've read and memorised.

It's a place where your friends or your wife would report you for hiding books, resulting in your house being burned down and you being arrested - or worse. A place perpetually on the brink of war. So when it actually happens it's a bit anticlimatic.