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Bite Marks (Jaz Parks, #6) - Jennifer Rardin Better the second time round. Although there are still bits I don't quite get (why they have to go to Morocco to find the Rocenz for example), maybe my mind wasn't quite on it.

There is the air of change in this story - the feeling that Jazz's time working for the government is coming to an end.

After finally getting busy with Vayl (between books), while she recovered from her injuries picked up in the last book, the whole crew arrive in Australia. This time to stop Gnomes from destroying a NASA space station based in Canberra. Interesting take on Gnomes - blue noses, terrible eyesight, live underground.

There are a couple of major roadblocks to their mission though. The Demon that's after Cassandra makes an appearance - because Cassandra admits she's engaged to Dave - which means she spends a large part of the book hiding.

Second roadblock is Brude, after biting him in the last book and accidentally ingesting some of his blood he's taken up residence in Jazz's mind, causing a nasty rash and in some cases complete paralysis (which means no kissy kissy, or bumping uglies with Vayl). It means that Jazz is completely excluded from certain parts of the plan, as it becomes clear that Brude has ulterior motives and is watching everything they do.

There are some great touches - Astral the robokitty, who goes from mild mannered kitty to slightly creepy talking and dancing kitty after Jack accidentally takes her head off.

Learning that Vayl likes to dig holes when he becomes "frustrated" (knowing that he once struck oil).

The introduction of "Teen Me" was another nice touch - to understand where Jazz tripped that switch that made her the person that she was. That in order to protect her sister she took the life of another and wasn't affected by it - to feel that she was broken in some way because of it. But Vayl never saw her in that way - because he's just the same.

Oh, I can totally picture Gerard Butler as Vayl as well. Tall, dark, built and smoking hot. Hmm, hmmm, hmmm. I would totally break me off a piece of that.