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Room - Emma Donoghue Seeing as I gave The Lovely Bones I just couldn't bring myself to give this book the same. Because I just don't think its as good a book.

Room has a quite horrifying premise - clearly based on actual cases. You very quickly understand that Jack and his Ma are imprisioned in a single room by "Old Nick". Jack has spent his whole life inside the room, being born inside it. His mother was snatched seven years previously, and gave birth to Jack after a previous stillbirth.

Jack loves living in Room, sleeping in Wardrobe, but his Ma is struggling, after seven years of imprisionment and rape who could blame her.

Told from Jack's point of view the story follows this small family unit through their daily routine in Room, how they deal with their interraction with their captor, through their plan to escape and how they cope in the real world.

The writing was fine, pitch perfect in the voice of a 5 year old (the constant "Why"'s). The struggle of his mother to come to terms with what's happened to her. So why only 2/5? I felt uncomfortable that Jack missed Room so much - his constant need to have company with him grated as well, but that was understandable given the circumstances. I wish part of the story had been told from Ma's point of view. Especially when it came to the clinic and the suicide attempt. I felt that her depression following the interview came from the questions around why she hadn't asked for Jack to be "left" somewhere following the birth (to give him a chance at a normal life - as they put it). There was part of the story missing for me. I also wanted to know that Old Nick paid for what he did - the story wasn't finished.