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High Fidelity - Nick Hornby I liked the movie, it made me laugh - but to be honest pretty much anything with John Cusack in it is fine with me. But what I wasn't prepared for was the fact that the movie was lifted, virtually word for word from the book.

OK, sure the setting was changed, but hearing John Cusack in my head with a slightly cockney accent was a little bit disconcerting.

This book is relentless, it doesn't stop, it moves from to place to place seamlessley, always something happening.

So, what is happening? Rob unhappily owns a record shop - brought to this stage in life through a series of unhappy relationships (normally being the one that's dumped). When is current girlfriend Laura leaves him for his ex-neighbour he doesn't take it well - even though he had voiced the idea that he wasn't happy. Obessive phone calls and stalking being the result.

He has an unsucessful one night stand with an American singer that he becomes friendly with.

The problem with Rob is that he's never happy, always wanting to keep his options open and it takes him a while to figure out why, why he sabotages himself, why the itchy feet. He doesn't want to deal with the death of anyone he loves - so he thinks it's better not to get too close to anyone. That's no way to live though is it? But it does explain my ex-husband to me.

In the end Laura comes back - because she's "too tired" to stay broken up but you start to see that Rob actually understands now what it takes to be part of a couple - that the world doesn't revolve around him, that sometimes you love people regardless of what their taste in music is.

Not bad Mr Hornby, not bad.